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We would like to announce the "Grand Opening" of Rate Your Program."  I want to thank all of you for participating in the past. Program." We took a poll on how many of you were satisfied with the one you are attending.The results of the poll indicated more than 70% were dissatisfied. We definitely want to hear from all of the ones disillusioned with your treatment facility.

I know there are many trustworthy, ethical and........... respectable "Methadone Maintenance Treatment Programs" throughout the United States and we would like to hear about the commendable ones too.  Share with us what you like about the one you are attending the most.

First, I want each and everyone of you to know just how important you are to us.
You are the only reason I created and founded Medical Assisted Treatment of
America...I wanted to educate you about methadone, to make you aware of the rights you possessed as a patient and how you go about exercising those rights.

The vast majority of us that end up in methadone facilities have long-term heavy addiction that have been found to be unresponsive to traditional abstinent-based treatment......    Current science shows that many long-term opiate addicts ex--perience  permanent changes in the brain chemistry as a result of abusing these drugs or many of us had deficient endorphin production from an early age, ......  genetically inherited and it lay dormant for years until we had our first drink of alcohol or was put on pain medication for an injury, which may have contribut-ed to us becoming addicted easily to the chemicals.      

Methadone stabilizes the brain chemistry without causing a high or euphoria in stable, enabling them to feel normal and to focus on other things and return to a normal law-abiding life.  However, many times these changes are permanent in nature.  The relapse rate for those leaving methadone maintenance is very high,
approximately 90%.  

The success rate for those choosing to remain in "Methadone Maintenance" is higher than any other treatment for opioid addiction.  It is approximately 65%-
90% depending on which....methadone maintenance treatment program they  
attend. Many leave treatment because they are not satisfied with their program and they return to the streets.

Addiction is a chronic and for many, a recurring disease,....... characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use. It is difficult enough for patients to cope with
substance abuse but when you are treated unjustly where you go to obtain the help you need -then this is just too much to ask of anyone.

If you desire change and are being treated unjustly then please make a start by simply telling us about where you attend.  Please do include the name, city, and state of your "Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program." Be respectful in the words you use when reporting. It is up to you whether you leave your name or if you choose to remain anonymous.

I am asking you to please be truthful in all comments you make.  You have a right under the 1st Amendment to Freedom of Speech. If you want to express your feelings about a subject, we ask you to start it off with, "In My Opinion..."  

Would you recommend your Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program to others ?  If you would, tell us why and if you would not, we want to know why too. We are making a list of changes we feel need to be instituted. If there are
some you would like to see, we are hoping you will participate and share them with us.  It's time we take an interest in our treatment.

The posts are not the opinion of Medical
Assisted Treatment and we assume no
responsibility for the contents.  

If you are a Program Director and you happen to read a complaint about your
Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program. Please take the time to give me a telephone call at 770--334-3655. I will listen to what you have to say and will be glad to post your rebuttal or completely remove the complaint.  We are not here
to offend anyone but to keep you honest. We care about the truth
.  We certainly would like to hear both sides. If you feel untrue statements have been posted then we encourage you to post your side.

Let's start sharing.   We can help one another by sharing what we know about where we attend. Together we can make a difference and bring about change. I have sent all the posted comments for 2009 to higher authorities. I encourage  to start posting for 2010 if the problem still exists.  It usually takes at least three complaints from one MMT Program before anyone takes action.  Methadone deaths are increasing and because of the deaths, MMTP are becoming stricter .

I am encouraging everyone to please use your medication as you should.  Please do not sell it to anyone else because diversion is hurting us. Please keep it out of reach from your children because it can kill them instantly. You, above all should MAKE IT YOUR  RESPONSIBILITY TO EDUCATE YOUR OWNSELF ABOUT THE MEDICATION YOUR ARE TAKING.  If you have any questions you can't locate answers for, then please, write me, at I will locate the information for you.

Please post any comments you have about your clinic below:   

More located on the buttons at the top of the page, but for your convenience we are
going to simplify it for you.  Click on the url below. and it takes you there.

1. Profile Of A Methadone Maintenance Program (Part 1)

2.  Profile Of A Methadone Maintenance Program (Part 2)

3. Program Locator (Need Methadone Maintenance)

4. Handling Complaints

5.  Grievance Report Form

-----------Extensive information regarding Grievances including Contact Numbers, Methadone State Authorities, Accreditation Agencies and more.

-----If you are having a problem with your methadone maintenance program and you need help then, please send me a detailed report of what is happening and I will get back to you on it. Send it to:  

 Deborah Shrira,Creator,Publisher     Copyrighted  March  26, 2009

Updated: August 18,2011                        Dee Black/ Assistant Editor