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Have you ever felt all alone? How many times have you been hurt by the stigma and discrimination people have against methadone? How many times have you felt as if no one understands you?  How many times have you just wanted some-one to talk you?

You have found what you need.  We can meet all of the needs above plus many more and all it requires is you joining us. My name is Deborah Shrira and I am a patient just like you. I am the Creator of Medical Assisted Treatment of America.
You can find answers to almost everyone of your questions on the website but you need more than just answers...but we are ere to help you find whatever answers you are looking for.

You need people who understands you. You need people up-to-date on Federal and State Laws.  Would you not rather talk to someone who had traveled down roads similar to yours?  I thought you would because who is going to understand methadone maintenance treatment except patients who attend the programs? I know, believe me? Only those of us who attend can possibly understand what we are dealing with on an every day basis, am I right?   

It only takes a few minutes of your time to join with us. Go ahead! Join! I believe you will be glad you did. We only accept people on methadone maintenance. I will not allow anyone to criticize your decision to take methadone. We consist of members who are Pro-Methadone.  We don't come together to debate whether or not methadone is the right choice for us...we know it is.

We come together to help one another.  We come together to learn more about the methadone we have chosen to take.By coming together we learn more each
day about ourselves and how to cope with life on it's terms without allowing it to destroy us. We share ourselves with each other as well as our information and we find solutions to our problems.  We know by joining we never have to feel alone again. There will always be friends available to listen, to encourage us and to answer any questions we may have.

Yes, you will be given a number you can call twenty-four hours every day of the year.  If you can't afford to call then we will call you at our expense. All you do is send us a Private Message with your phone number and the best time to call and we will call you. You never have to be alone again. How about it? If it does appeal to you ...follow the instructions and you are on your way... Click on the link and then join.... You are ready to start posting.  Please if you do not intend to post any ...think about finding another one?


Thank You.

Deborah Shrira, CEO                                      Updated: December 2010