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The prejudice against heroin and other drug addicts as people needs to be examined.  We are treated as third class citizens.  As it is with gay persons         not so long ago, the prevailing attitude is:  "lock'em up till they stop doing it."

This is not good enough!   There are many reasons why people start using
then more reasons why people continue to use drugs. Drug-using and drug
-addicted persons deserve just the same basic human respect as do all other

I've been living this story, for too many years,
about doctors and pills, my panic, and fears.
When I was young and felt sick, maybe a pain in my gut,
I quickly got over it by just throwing up!

Yea, I once was a healthy, indestructible guy,
working many long hours for a piece of the pie.
But, I sometimes got anxious, and my head spun around,
so, I was given a pill, that calmed me down.

I said to my doctor, I don't feel like myself,
do I really need it, will it affect my good health?
He readily assured me, It was safe and OK,
now, I'm sick and I'm sorry, while withdrawing each day!

I wonder if doctors, and the maker's of pills,
see the faces of patients, on their thousands of dollar bills.
Since the patients must pay, every time that we see them,
we help them live lives to excess, beyond reason.

The ol'e country doctor, kept you up on your feet,
for milk, eggs, and chickens, why, he could eat for a week.
He'd deliver our babies, right there on the farm,
and you died of old age, cause' "He'd do you no harm!"

But down we have doctors, in the 2000 years,
prescribing the drugs, so you swallow your fears.
It's a walk for a lifetime, down a windowless hall,
in a house without color, may "God help us all!"

I'm near seventy one, it's too late for me now,
though there's sweat of withdrawal coming down off my brow.
So, don't be discouraged, or let my rhyme get you down,
for, in life's many colors, there is peace to be found!


Homer conveys its effects in The Odyssey.  In one episode, Telemachus is depressed after failing to find his father, Odysseus.  But then Helen....

"...had a happy thought.  Into the bowl in which their wine was mixed,she slipped a drug that had the power of robbing grief and anger of their sting and banishing all powerful memories. No one who swallowed this dissolved in their wine could shed a single tear that day, even for the death of his mother or father, or if they put his brother or own son to the sword and he was there to see it done..."

In some parts of the contemporary Middle East, chilled glasses of poppy tea are served to mourners at funerals to ease their grief.

Could it be "God's Own Medicine?"    Is this why most of us take it?  - I think it is because most of are trying to relieve some physical, or emotional pain.  Maybe we cannot cope with what is happening in our environment ? Could we be using to give us the strength to socialize with others?  Maybe we grew up in a household where we were constantly criticized therefore we feel we are nothing.  Maybe our parents neglected us and we use to ease the pain? Could it be we use to try and forget incidents in our past that traumatized us, and when they push forth into our consciousness, they overwhelm us. - -  I just named a few reasons but I am sure there are lots more. 

Most of us are unusually sensitive. I may have named above one of the reasons  
you started using, Can you believe our Criminal Justice System gives us the most harshest sentences of all? I think most of us have been hurt enough without taking
the abuse a prison sentence holds.  -  We who are in Recovery using Methadone,
they even want to take it away if we end up incarcerated.  I am going to share with you why it should not be with held from you and give you some tips on how to get dosed.  We have made some progress but not enough when it comes to acquiring our Methadone if we are incarcerated.

More to come!  I am the only one working and have been from the beginning, I ask you to be patient with me.  I have loads of eye-opening information to  pub-lish but it takes time when you are the only one.   

Written and Compiled By: Deborah Shrira           Updated:  26 March 2006